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How I'll use my Bullet Journal for September 2020

September is arriving very soon and that means it's time to prepare our bullet journals for it.

Check out this video if you want to see how I put together my whole setup for this month.


Theme for this month - Like last year, I went for a fresh green theme. I am automatically drawn to green when I think of September because I think that's a reflection of what I see all around me.

Check out my 2019 bullet journal setup for September here.

Let's get started with the spreads:

1. September cover and goals page:

I went with simple leaf doodles for the overall design of this double spread. The top of the page is the month cover. On the bottom half, I included a box to write down what my goals are for this month. The box on the right page is where I'll figure out how I want this month to go. Keeping big empty spaces for goals helps me figure things out better and I can elaborate on my goals to make them as specific as I'd like to. It helps me during execution.

September cover and goals page

2. Gratitude log

Gratitude logs have been a keeper in my bullet journal for a few months now and for a good reason. There's something about finding something to be grateful for in each day that has changed my mindset drastically, for the better. No matter how my day goes, there's always something, some little thing that I found I could be grateful for and that just does wonders to my perspective.

3. Habit and health tracker

These two spreads have been consistent in my bullet journal for quite some time now. I love tracking my habits. They serve as daily reminders that prompt me to make time for these habits in my day. As a safety net, I have already made time for a lot of these habits in my morning and night routine itself, however it feels great when I can fill in the boxes for the day and look at how far I've come.

My health trackers have also proven to be helpful. It makes me a little bit more aware of how my health has been recently and I've noticed that I pat more attention to being healthy after introducing these trackers in my bullet journal.

The habits I'll be tracking for September are:

  • Meditation

  • Reading

  • Journalling

  • Reading the newspaper

  • Listening to a new song

  • Working out

  • Using my bullet journal

  • Doing my laundry

  • Waking up early

  • Getting some fresh air/ going outside. (safely ofcourse)

Including these habits in my trackers has helped my physical and mental health tremendously and I have started to reap the benefits of attempting to be consistent at them.

4. Weekly spread

I went for a horizontal weekly spread for the first week pf September. I'm kind of getting a reset this week, and a horizontal layout works well for such weeks. I can make either a single to-do list for the day or have multiple in separate columns according to my needs.

These were all the spreads I've included in my September 2020 bullet journal setup. I hope that you enjoyed these spreads. I'll actually be adding a couple of spreads later on. Follow me on Instagram to catch up with them.

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