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August 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Washi Tape Theme

Recently, I gave in to the temptation of buying a couple of solid washi tapes in really gorgeous colours, while I was helping out a friend to pick out some stationery.

When I came home to deposit these new additions in my collection, I realised that my washi tape set now amounted to around 24 washi tapes, out of which 14 were solid washi tapes!

After my shock subsided, I decided to use my hoarding skills to my advantage!

This is when I decided to do a multi-coloured, solid washi tape theme for August!

This serves the following purpose:

  1. It puts my overflowing washi tape collection to actual use, instead of me just ogling at it for hours on end!

  2. It symbolises the kind of month I want to manifest ahead - a fun, colourful, wholesome month!

  3. It's a demonstration of how these simple additions can take your bullet journalling game, up a notch!

So if you're someone who:

  1. Doesn't feel they have the creative bug

  2. Needs easy and quick but (of course) pretty spreads for the month

  3. Wants ideas to use your own washi tape collection in your bullet journal

then this blog post is for you!

Welcome to my washi tape love affair!

Let's start off with the cover page!

I kept the overall layout for this month, pretty minimal and easy. Whatever additional decor or aesthetic needs I had were all fulfilled by these gorgeous washi tapes!

On the left-hand side, I have the cover page for this month. Right next to it, is the monthly goals and affirmations spread. I'll be using this spread to right down 3-4 goals I have in mind for the month which would be complemented by a few affirmations which would help me align with those goals.

I filled up the empty spaces on the spreads with a lot of different shades that would help brighten it up!

The monthly log for August!

August is pretty weirdly laid out! It starts on a Sunday, which is why it needs six rows of calendar boxes to be filled out.

To fit everything nicely, I made the individual boxes of a 5x5 dot grid space size. This left enough room for incorporating some washi tapes across the entire spread! I thought it went really well with the black bold lines of the calendar.

Practising gratitude in August!

Made my gratitude log extra simple for the month! I divided it into two parts: The lower half is dedicated to the actual log where I'll make daily entries of gratitude. Above it, is some empty space for 'gratitude triggers'. What that means is that, here, I'll write down a few broader aspects/ things I'm always grateful for in my life. For eg. family, friends, my laptop that enables the making of these blogs, etc! It'll be a nice way to remind myself of all the goodness our lives are filled with no matter what circumstances we are going through. Gratitude helps to ground.

The beloved habit and health trackers!

The left page here contains the habit tracker that I never skip out on, in my monthly spreads!

The number of habits I track every month depends on the kind of month I'm having. If its a laidback, more chill sort of a month then I'll have fewer habits to track. However, if there are a lot of things going on, or I'm practising newer routines, then I'll incorporate more habits in the tracker as well as my life.

Right next to that, is the health tracker. I track almost the same 2-3 aspects of my health every month, just to ensure that everything is going well. But the most recent addition I made to this tracker is my sleep tracker. That's the graph you can see in the image above. I rate the quality of my sleep out of 5 every day and it has given me an overall comprehension of how the kind of day I have is impacting is how good of a sleep I get.


Moments in August is a spread for me to put down all the things I want to do in August.

The things I'll be spending my time on will eventually be the moments I create this month!

I keep the format of this spread very free-flowing. I fill in words and phrases of activities I want to do/ vibes I want to create/ emotions I want to feel during the month.

On the right page, we have a new spread called projects and priorities!

As a recent graduate, it's important for me to have a dashboard for all the home/ work/ personal projects I might want to get done or a few things I might want to start off. This will also help me in figuring out my priorities for the month.

I'm making such a spread for the first time and I'm yet to discover if and how much this kind of a spread will help me!


Want to see how these spreads were actually put together?

Thank you for reading this post!

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