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Save Ourselves is a mindfulness blog that publishes content about self-improvement and slow living.

Welcome to Save Ourselves, so glad to have you here!

Our Story

Save Ourselves is a mindfulness and self-help blog run by Aparna Kher. Here, you can find content about organising, productivity, slow living, self-improvement, books and much more. Save Ourselves believes in chasing your curiosities and is a result of the same!

Save Ourselves began as a leisure blog on Blogger in August 2013. Since then, it has grown into a multi-platform content hub. Currently, Save Ourselves publishes self-help content regularly in the form of blogs on this website, Youtube videos, newsletters and more! Save Ourselves has over 30,000 Youtube views and a combined community of over 1000 people across all its platforms.

The Save Ourselves Shop was launched in 2021 and is active occasionally throughout the year. Check out the Shop page for more details.

Story behind the name

This blog is called 'Save Ourselves' for a reason. Its creator, Aparna, began this blog as her contribution to the betterment of society and to help others. She initially envisioned Save Ourselves as a social-welfare organisation that could work towards making this world a better place to be in. Although it's still a part of the bigger vision for Save Ourselves, currently she is doing her part by creating content that supports wellness and self-improvement. She believes that if each of us tries to save ourselves, we would in turn be saving the world. That's where Save Ourselves gets its name.

Hello, I'm Aparna

It's wonderful to meet you! I created Save Ourselves back in 2013 when I was a 15-year-old girl with a big vision. The present me is trying to fulfil that 15-year-old's dream by creating content across multiple platforms. 

I'm a writer at heart which is why I turned to blogging as a way of reaching a wider audience. In my teenage years, I fell down the Youtube rabbit hole and haven't been able to come out since. I decided to capitalise on that interest and try my hand at making videos as well. I loved every part of it. Through blogs, videos and newsletters, I try to engage with you and many other like-minded souls. I hope you find my creations uplifting and engaging. Thanks for stopping by!

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