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My 2021 Bullet Journal Setup!

Happy 2021 to all of you!

Here is my 2021 bullet journal setup:

The spreads I included in my yearly setup this year are:

  1. Coverpage

  2. Year at a glance / Future log

  3. 2021 Goals

  4. 2021 Manifestations

  5. Work-life Wishlist

  6. Yearly Mood Tracker

  7. Books I read in 2021

  8. Movies and TV shows in 2021

  9. Period Tracker

My 2021 Bullet Journal Coverpage

The Year at a glance/ future log

Made it into a dutch door spread!

2021 goals and 2021 manifestations!

2021 wishlist

How are goals and wishlists different?

Books, Movies and Shows in 2021!

Period Tracker for 2021!

Did you like some of the templates I used? You can purchase them on the Save Ourselves Shop!

Reach out on Instagram to make your purchases!

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