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March 2021 Bullet Journal Setup!

Welcome to the last month of the first quarter of 2021. Are we excited? Well I definitely am!

For starters, March is my favourite month. Why you ask? Let me tell you:

  1. It brings summer with it - and although winter is my favourite season, there's something undeniably special about summer.

  2. My birthday falls in March!

So with these reasons of endearments established, let's dive into the monthly bullet journal setup!

Let's start off with the theme: I went for a warm, yellow, bright theme - a total moodlifter, to mark the onset of summer. I used some yellow and black pattern printed papers for layering, throughout the setup.

The first page is a cover page where I let out all my creative energy and experiment with doodles, patterns, fonts and layers. It sets a good tone for the month in terms of the aethetics and acts as good visual and physical divider between 2 months.

Next to that I have a full page dedicated for my monthly goals and a monthly bucket list.

I'll be adding 2-3 things in each of these and also elaborating on those in terms of what are the steps I can take to achieve those goals.

An example of the entries I'll be making here:

Goal: Reduce screen time - especially phone

Why? : To be more present and live more intentionally

How? : Limit my screen time to 4 hours per day. Track through habit tracker.


Moving on to the monthly calendar!

I made boxes of 6 x 5 dot grid spaces as that's the biggest box size I could fit in my double spread. I like to make a visually clutter-free, calendar style month at a glance spread because that enables my monthly planning the best. Seeing my month laid out in front of me helps me delegate events and tasks better.

Next up is our good old gratitude log!

I made this for the first time during the pandemic - the initial days of quarantine. And oh the changes it has made in my lifestyle! Its truly changed my outlook towards life for the better. I reflect upon each day towards the end and write down one thing that made me feel glad/ grateful. With practice, this brings profound changes to your attitude.

Next up, we have my absolute favourite - the habit and health trackers!

I switched from a vertical log format to a calendar format for my habit trackers and I'm really loving it so far.

The habits I'm tracking for the month are:

  1. Working out/ moving my body

  2. Reading

  3. Journalling

  4. Laundry

  5. Thesis work

  6. Wake up at 8am

  7. Save Ourselves work

  8. Screen time < 4 hours (see how I tied this up with my goals? )

Next to it is my health tracker where I'm tracking:

  1. My overall health

  2. Metabolism

  3. Stretching daily

  4. Energy level

Soooo, March is my birthday month! And I wanted to sit down and reflect the twenty three years of my existence. I wanted this reflection to be very intuitive and free-flowing so I haven't set any format for this spread. Need to explore my creativity here as well!

The page on the left is to note down all the new music I discover for March. Its a very fun and engaging way of finding new music and plus it gets documented somewhere - so no chances of forgetting good songs when you need them sometime later!

The page next to it is my weekly spread. I've changed my weekly layout in the last month. All I set up at the beginning of every week is one weekly spread. It contains my weekly schedule and my weekly tasks.

On the next page, I simply start rapid logging by putting the day and date. A simplified system.

I hope you found this blogpot helpful! Let me know your feedback in the comments below!

See you next week.

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