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Another list of lists you should make right now!

I'm back with part two of our long list of lists. In the last part, I shared 8 lists that you should make right now. In this part, I'll be sharing 8 more ideas.

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Another list of lists you should make right now!
Another list of lists you should make right now!

A list of lists? Clearly I'm obsessed!

I hope that by this time you've gotten the idea that I'm really into making lists. Yes, sometimes I can get a little obsessed with the whole thing but for the most part I feel that it's a good way to relieve our brain of unnecessary storage and actually make use of it for more important things. Lists come in handy as this secondary storage and give you a home for putting down stuff into various categories.

So before you start judging me for my list obsession, let's dive into the ideas!

9. List of habits you want to form in life

In each one of us lives our ideal self which acts like our North star and keeps us from doing things we won't be proud of. While we may not listen to this part of us all the time, we can do one good thing for that part of us which is making a list of all the habits we would like to form in life. We can then start working through this list one by one.

10. Lists of resources for your projects

These can actually be mutliple lists. Whether its a set of videos you've saved for your own workout regimen, a list of go-to recipes for your everyday meals, a list of DIY projects you want to make - this can just be an extensive list of resources that you might need for all the projects and hobbies you undertake. These turn out to be very handy while doing that project and gives us a direction and guidance to carry out that task.

11. List of values and principles you believe in

We can hardly call ourselves millenials if we've not had our fair share of identity crises and have never doubted our own belief systems. A part of growth is to evolve our beliefs and values over time. Making this list is a good way to remind ourselves of what we really believe and whether it still holds true after a few years. Making this list at the beginning of every year can be a good way to see how you've changed or not changed over the years.

12. List of mindsets / quotes that really resonate with you

Similar to the earlier one, keeping a list of quotes and mindsets that you've gotten from other people is a great way to keep getting inspired and learn something new. Its also a reminder that a lot of people have similar thoughts as yours and that in a way we're all connected by these similar thoughts and beliefs. These quotes will also definitely come in handy if you're going through a rough patch in life and need some inspiration to lift you up.

13. Packing list / edc list

(EDC - Every day carry)

I always make a list of things I want to carry before I travel anywhere so as not to forget any important stuff. It also helps you not overpack and be mindful of how much you're carrying. Another list in this same category is to have a list for your everyday carry. If you go to work or school, there are few must have items in your bag. This is when this list will come handy by reminding you of all the necessary stuff you need to pack for your workday.

14. List of things you should check before you leave the house

I always get the feeling that I've left my hot water on when I leave for work every morning when infact I automatically turn it off without fail. To get rid of this disturbing feeling, it can be a good idea to have a list of things to check before you leave the house stuck next to your door. Things like shutting all your windows, turning off the stove and electrical appliances and similar stuff. This leaves you worry less as you head out the door everyday.

15. A list for all your brilliant ideas

Trust me! Make this list. We often thinks that our brains have this wonderful capacity to remember some of the thoughts that just enter our minds a couple of times, but so often these thoughts are tossed in the mental trash bin. And trust me, that bin is overflowing so don't even bother trying to sort through that mess. Instead, keep a list of all the ideas you get randomly throughout the day and you never know which one might turn out to be your golden goose! A lot of the ideas I get for Save Ourselves are these random thoughts and they turn out to be my better work most of the time!

16. A list for all the things you want to learn about

Quarantine definitely gave me a good chunk of time to learn and I loved that feeling. I have a lot of interests so it's kinda difficult to actually have proper learning sessions going on. But my goal is to be lifelong student and learn more about the things I'm curious about. Which is why I recommend this list. Its refreshing to take a break from your usual field of work and learn something about various things in life. Keep this list handy to keep the student in you alive.

Summary time:


Here's your checklist to make all of these lists!

A list of lists you should make right no
Download • 31KB

I hope that atleast a few of these ideas struck a chord with you and that you start making these lists right away.

Read the previous part by clicking here in case you missed it!

Let me know which of these lists made an impression on you.

Also, did I miss out on any important ones? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out my video on this topic:

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