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A list of lists you should make right now!

A list of lists you should make right now! Part 1

Did I have a proud moment when I thought of this title? Yes I did!

I love making and keeping different lists for all sorts of things in my life. It gives me a little bit of healthy control over my life and also keeps me organised. Having lists for different aspects of your life is great because we're saving our brains storage for more important things by delegating information to these lists.

Here, I'll be sharing a 'list of lists' that you should probably include in your life to make life a little bit easier for yourself. Let's dive right in!

1. A to-do list

I have now come to a point where it is now difficult for me to survive without a to-do list for the day and whatever tasks that I think of for the day are all contained within this list. You are much more likely to actually get that task done if you put it onto paper. Hence having a to-do list is highly beneficial to your productivity

2. A 'things to check out' list

This is a great one to have. So often we come across recommendations for books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, blogs and whatnot. It's a good idea to have a home to write down all of these recos. That way, when you actually need some, you alreasy have your own curated list ready.

3. A shopping list

Nope, I'm not talking about your regular grocery list here, although that's helpful too. This list is sort of like your wish list. Like the things you would like to save up for or would like to buy sometime in the future. Whether its saving up for some trip or a laptop or anything that makes a deep impact on your spending. This sort of a list is always great to have because it gives you a few financial goals and sets you in a good sepnding direction.

4. List of contacts that you might need

Whether you're a student who lives by yourself or someone who's recently moved into a new neighbourhood, curating this list will always come in handy when there's an emeergency. Having contacts for plumbers, electricians, househelp, nannies, emergency contacts within your areas etc is more of a safety measure. So I would definitely recomment starting this list.

5. List of aspects in your life

Trust me, make this list in order to understand how many things you are actually tackling in your life. Your life can't be categorised that easily into personal, work and social. There are so many more things like hobbies that you enjoy, things that you do, different projects you might be working on. Even in your career there might be multiple things you're working on that could actually be different aspects in your life.

6. List of things that make you feel better

We all really know the things that make us feel better, but we forget them when we need them the most. Having a list that has all of these things listed down is a way of being more mindful about our wellbeing. One tip is to keep this list in a noticeable place in your home so that you will be reminded of these things when you're not feeling so great!

7. List of places you want to eat at/from

Ofcourse, in the light of the pandemic, I say this with the disclaimer that please put this list to use with everyone's safety in mind. However I feel like this is such a great list to have in order to diversify our experience with food, to get new experiences. Whether you're ordering in or dining out with some friends, exploring new places to eat always feel refreshing.

8. List of goals you want to achieve

I am very drawn to the idea of being intentional with life. Having a few goals puts life into perspective and we start making choices that align with these goals. Goals are such a hopeful thing to have and it gives you something to look forward to. Looking at this list every now and then can help us be on track whenever life starts to feel a little wobbly.

Summary time:


Free downloadable? Yes!

Here's a checklist of all the 16 lists I'll be talking about in part 1 and part 2 combined! Feel free to use this as a resource. Whenever you make a list from my 'list of lists' just tick the box next to it to keep a record!

A free downloadable checklist for keeping a record of all the lists
Free downloadable!

Download your checklist here!

A list of lists you should make right no
Download • 31KB

8 lists is enough for this time but does that mean I'm out ideas? Hell no!

Next week, I'll be coming out with part 2 with 8 more list ideas! Stay tuned for that one.

Until then, let me know which lists you'll start making right away. Also let me know if I missed out on any essential lists here. Would love to add them to this collection. I hope you have a great day!

Check out my video on this topic:

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