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Your bullet journal starter kit!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Bullet Journalling has been my biggest find of 2019 and its something that I'm going to carry with me in 2020. I have never found anything that has clicked with me so much and I have never been this consistent at anything in my life before. 2019 has been the year in which I have experienced my most growth and a large part of it is because of bullet journalling. And so one of my goals for the upcoming year is to be an ambassador for this effective method and to hopefully inspire people to take it up as well. In this blog post I'll be starting by giving you 30 reasons that'll hopefully convince you to start bullet journalling in 2020.

1) We are entering a new decade.

2) It is going to help you stay productive.

3) You can document your year.

4) It's fully customisable.

5) It is also a creative outlet.

6) You can plan your entire life in one notebook.

7) There are premade bullet journals if you're not into making your own.

8) You can track your habits.

9) You can add / subtract layouts as per your wish.

10) You can keep changing your formats.

11) You can keep yourself accountable.

12) It is your first step towards self improvement and growth.

13) It is almost like a hobby.

14) You can play around with themes.

15) You can make your year more memorable.

16) If you're eco conscious, there are digital versions available too.

17) You can use it for backplanning.

18) You're less likely to forget your tasks on busy days.

19) You'll get better at keeping up with your habits.

20) You'll be able to record all sorts of memories in your life.

21) This journal is personal but not so private that you can't let others flip-through.

22) You'll get to flip through your weeks, months and years and acknowledge your growth.

23) You'll have a reason and a tool to jump back up when you experience lows or failures.

24) You'll discover this whole new community of bullet-journalling and planning and get involved in it!

25) You'll get better at making time for everything you want to.

26) You'll start making better choices for your lifestyle.

27) You'll start to understand yourself better as a person.

28) You'll become more mindful and involved in your tasks.

29) You'll make the best use of your time.

30) You'll feel inspired to keep on growing as a person.

Bullet journalling notebooks that you can buy:

Premade planners that you can buy (Indian brands) :

Alicia Souza's 2020 Planner :

7mm Daily Planner :

myPaperclip 2020 weekly planner :

Digital Planners:

Articles and helpful links:

The Bullet Journal Method Website :

5 weekly planning techniques to be more productive :

Youtube videos:

Caitlin's Corner's Bullet Journal: Plan with me Playlist :

I hope that this post is comprehensiv

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