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Uncomfortable Comparisons

'What we all have in common is having our differences.'

You are who you are, you know. And yes, it is frustrating to be that sometimes, you're imperfect and flawed but you are you. And that is enough and cool enough to start off with. There are probably a 100 faults you could find in yourself but then, so could everybody. And there is always scope for improvement. So really, it's okay. Its all your specifics about you that make you, you. And it is important to hold on to that. Most of the world caves in to the more socially accepted traits so as in to form an identity and end up forgetting their real inner selves. No wonder most of us feel lost so often.

A little observation and experience has led me to realise that this really is because of all the comparisons we constantly keep making. We are comparing ourselves with everyone around us, all the time.

Every single story we'll watch on Instagram, every post on our news feeds, every person who's living their life slightly different from ours, and there's that instant comparison. Its natural, we're wired that way, and its okay. As long as it affects us neutrally or positively, there is no harm. But the problem starts when these comparisons start taking a toll on us.

'This person has such a cool social life, this person has achieved so much, this person is travelling to all the places I want to go to, this person is living their life the way they want to.' One tiny trigger and it all starts. Sometimes these triggers inspire you to make positive changes in your life and start doing the things you've wanted. But most times, they tend to bring you down.

What we lack here is the full story. We need to keep in mind that what we see is only a tiny part of their lives and there is a lot more to it than that, about which, we are utterly clueless. This constant comparison to every person's tiny golden moments leaves us believing that there are these ideal lives that everyone but you is leading. But that isn't true. Everyone has their stuff and everyone has their own ways of dealing with it.

And there is no need to be ashamed of our own ways. people live their lives in ways that suit them best and for everyone, it's a unique combination.

Your ways of showing affection, making friends, building relationships, sharing problems, dealing with problems can be different from others and there is absolutely no shame in that. Its a combination that you've worked out for yourself. It may have some glitches or flaws, but as I said earlier, there's always a lot of scope for self-improvement.

What matters is that we feel comfortable with the way we are and make peace with it. We must respect everybody's way of doing things and let them be. Let yourself be. Trust me, life feels much better when you don't let yourself be taken down and are comfortable in your own skin.

Take care.

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