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The Turning Point

Save Ourselves.

In this big complex world of ours, we've come miles away from what we really used to be. No wonder we all feel so lost so often. 

But its never too late, to save ourselves.

Hello readers,

My original intention of starting Save Ourselves was to make a change in this world. When I started this as a 15 year old girl I had big dreams of starting an organisation and handling all sorts of problems the world was facing. 

But now, its almost 4 and a half years since the original thought, things have changed. Yet, somewhere the fire inside me still burns. It flickers weakly, but it is still very much alive in me. Hence here is my attempt of rekindling that fire.

This is a turning point for my blog. This is where i remould it and bring it closer to what it's title actually means - SAVE OURSELVES. Through personal experiences, through thoughts pondered upon. through lessons learnt, I shall be here on contributing my bit to make the change I had originally intended. These are my baby steps which hopefully shall become a strong foundation for a change that would be worthwhile. 

Through my blog, I hope I can reach out to the ones who need a kind word, a ray of hope. I hope to be someone's shoulder to cry on, someone's sigh of relief. I shall be writing about the things I know best about; supporting my intentions with challenges I've faced or things that I have learnt. I shall be writing about how I know best to Save Ourselves. 

I hope that this feeble attempt is supported and encouraged because this is one of my most genuine actions. I shall be putting forth my most honest version in this blog. 

So please do let me know what you think, suggestions are always welcome. Keep checking the blog for more. 

Stay safe, Stay happy.

- Aparna

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