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The Shower Power - 10 tips to turn your dull day around!

Let me take you back to one of those days when you didn't take a shower. At all. The entire day. Now, depending on the person you are, this day may be today, yesterday, a few days back ot maybe a blurring memory of the past! But chances are, that you have had this day atleast once.

Let's discuss that today, shall we?

We all tend to have our dull days, lazy days, I-don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed days when we choose just not to take a shower. And let me be frank: this does not contribute in any way whatsover to our present situation.

I mean, it's fine if you already have decided that you want to have a dull day and want to spend it unshowered. Go ahead, it's totally fine to have days like that sometimes.

However! If you're not having a good day and are not happy about it or you want to make it better; the shower holds great power, my friend.

When we're already having a lazy day, we seem to go with the flow easily, it gets really difficult to snap out of the funk. We get so deeply stuck in that unproductive, low-energy pit, that it's really difficult to come out of it on our own. And at that point, we may feel like there's so little that we can do about it. But that's not true.

Making ourselves get up and take a shower or even wash our face does wonders to our current state. It instantly reduces the drowsiness, laziness and the unproductive feeling to a drastic level. It leaves us feeling so much fresher. Its really wonders what water can do to us.

Everytime I'm having an unproductive, lazy day where I feel like doing absolutely nothing but I'm also regretting wasting the day, I try and make myself take a shower. And it always, always puts me in a much better mood. And I'm sure you've been through this too.

So now, why does this happen?

First of all, the act of getting up and going to take that shower breaks your cycle and gives you a change of action. And that is the first baby step to snap out of a funk.

Secondly, a shower makes you clean. The feeling of being clean and washed is a signal to your mind for beginning afresh or just starting something new. One of the inducers of the 'fresh start' feeling is feeling fresh and clean. And showers are the best way to do that. The mind and the body are linked in so many ways and definitely in the act of cleaning. All of us also tend to reflect or ideate when we shower. And that process also helps to break our funk cycle. Showers help us to relax and reduce our stress.

Now despite of all the shower advice I've showered on you, it's very likely that the next time you find yourself in this situation, you'll hesitate to actually go and take that shower. So here are my tips that'll increase your chances of making your day better for yourself!


  1. When you are feeling down or lazy, recognise whether it's a day you want to spend like this or not.

  2. If you don't then make yourself aware of this fact. Remind yourself ' I don't want to spend my day like this, because at the end of the day, I don't really feel good. So let me work towards it.'

  3. Talk to yourself into getting up from your place and going to the bathroom.

  4. If that is not working out, remind yourself of a time this happened before and how taking a shower made you feel better.

  5. Promise yourself a treat after you shower. Maybe it's food, a drink, a plan with a friend, whatever helps.

  6. Just get up and go sit in a different place or a different room. If you did that, you're now more likely to make yourself go to the bathroom. And then take that shower. Baby steps!

  7. Draw yourself a nice bath or put on some of your favourite music.

  8. Decide what works for you best. Is it the nice long bath more inviting or just a quick shower?

  9. Convince your mind accordingly. If the long bath invites you, remind yourself of the comfort it provides. If it's just a quick wash tell yourself that it's going to be over in no time!

  10. Finally, indulge! Enjoy the process. Because it is helping you and you are helping yourself. Have fun!

Showering really works wonders and is beneficial in so many ways. Try these tips the next time you go through such a situation and let me know how that works out for you! I hope that I've convinced you to believe in the #showerpower! Have a great day!

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