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The power of sunshine!

I want to start off by dedicating this post to every person who has been a ray of sunshine during the wintry days of my life at one point or the other. If you guys are reading this, I want to thank you with all my heart!

That's actually the power of sunshine, you know. It makes you grateful. Since you're smart enough, I'm pretty sure that you must have figured out by now that I'm not talking about sunshine in its literal sense. I'm talking about the sunshine in people. We can brighten up people's lives in so many ways and it's so easy really. It has such a lasting impact on them, and there's no better feeling than to know that you've been one of those helpful rays.

We as individuals have our own vibes and we form them internally. But we unknowingly are constantly emanating (radiating/ spreading) them outwards. And people tend to catch them. Everyone is constantly giving out their own vibes and through these vibes we're constantly subconsciously choosing/ avoiding company.

When these vibes are cheerful, bright and positive the person can be described as sunny or bright. And hence, their vibes would be a form of sunshine.

While this sunny vibe tends to attract people to you and makes you better to hang out with, it also has huge positive implications internally. A win-win situation. When you cultivate a good vibe about you, you automatically tend to adopt a more internal locus of control (we talked about that in the last post, if you remember; if not, check it out here ).

You also tend to have a more positive outlook towards your life with the same set of circumstances that made you feel down and restrictive. You tend to be a little more optimistic and your productivity levels reach up to a new high. Its all leads to one desirable consequence after the other and it's a cycle worth forming. I'll leave the rest of the benefits for you to find out yourself.

While it's great having numerous sources of sunshine in your life to brighten it up, I personally believe it's essential to be our own source of sunshine. We need to fuel our lives independently and must find the courage to be the brightest versions of ourselves. While this is not a change that happens overnight, it's a habit that can be formed slowly and it lets you reap results right from the first day. I've been feeling this change within myself over the last week and I'm experiencing the change already. Its a slow process but let's strive for it to be a steady one.

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