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That's not 'done'!

Hello dear readers !

We all currently live this 'modern' lifestyle and we do it oh so proudly. Deadlines have become more regular in our lives, even more than breakfast. Isn't it ? We are constantly chasing time so as to make our future time easier. We're so caught up in getting things done. 

But is that really the right way to go about it ? When we compete with time in order to make more time, do we really make use of that 'made' time ? When we constantly chase our deadlines, do we end up doing it just for the chase ?

I feel that somewhere down the road, in the chase of deadlines, the purpose has evolved to become getting things done, and not actually 'doing' them. All we feel is the rush. We complain (actually we flaunt) about the rushed lives we lead and the numerous tasks we're expected to get done without the basic thought of doing them. We've sadly evolved to falter in the basic thinking : We don't think of doing things anymore, we think of getting them done.  I, being an architecture student, very well understand the pressure of deadlines. Deadlines are a part of routine and have become an inevitable part of our lives. They are absolutely necessary and I do not question their importance. But I very much question our attitude of looking at them. 

My mother is a psychologist and of course, my confidante. So from time to time, I turn to her with questions about life that I fail to grasp. So on a usual, rushed weekend, where I was submerged waist-deep in deadlines, trying to find a way of 'getting things done', we happened to talk about this topic and it stuck with me. It stuck because it was true. I was so caught up in checking things off my list that I had failed to enjoy the process of doing it. And frankly, looking back and realised that you could have enjoyed the process but did not, is quite regretful.

The next time I had to meet a deadline, I stuck by this newfound principle of 'doing things'. Not only did I enjoy my work thoroughly, but I completed well in time, that too, without realising that I had been working continuously, never needing a break. That's what happens when you take your time to do things. Its fun and its fruitful. 

Whether its a job, a hobby or even a boring chore, try DOING it and enjoy the process. Not only will you meet your deadlines well ahead of time, but you'll realise you get enough time to indulge in hobbies as well. You'll leave behind the feeling of rush. You might even encounter satisfaction, who knows ? So have fun 'doing' things from now on. All the best ! Thank you !

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