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// Poetry // - Change

I looked up at the bright blue above,

Saw just a tiny cloud drift by,

Everything so plain and bright,

My life was just like the sky.

I returned to the book I'd started to read,

And soon was lost in fantasy,

Similar to what my world seemed at that time,

Clueless about the storm that was upon me.

I glanced back at the sky and then,

In shock I found myself to be,

For instead of all the bright and blue,

Of grey and dull was now a sea.

Lightning strikes and thunder claps,

The world has turned upside down.

Rain stormed into my life and I,

Had no escape from this evil town.

My world had changed so fast that I,

Hadn't got a chance to let it sink in,

Unbelievable truths splashed onto me,

Loss was all I seemed to win.

Unwelcoming as the change had been,

No control over it I had,

My life was now a shocking mess,

Good things seemed to turn into bad.

Change had left me with an aching void,

It had turned into pieces, my soul,

It had left me with bits and pieces,

That were hard to put back to whole.

I glanced again at the stormy view,

My own storm of tears to add,

Where earlier that cloud had been,

To see a patch of blue, I was glad.

A little tiny patch it was,

No special powers it did hold,

It couldn't give me back my old life,

It couldn't turn it back to gold.

Yet at that time, it seemed enough,

To give birth to hope inside my mind,

To make me pick up the leftover pieces,

And the rest of them, I set out to find.

Sure I had to start from scratch and all,

I had a long and tiring way to go,

But that didn't mean I couldn't right?

The trick was to do it nice and slow.

I had been through a lot, I knew,

And a lot was left to gp through me,

Still I stuck to that tiny piece of hope,

So that the world beyond, I could see.

If change had the power to ruin my life,

And to put all my efforts to vain,

It surely could turn it around once more,

So I'll gladly wait for change again!


Written on 16th May 2015

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