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Ordained to be ordinary

Here is an ordinary soul, reaching out to all the other ordinary ones, letting you know that we're fine the way we are.

The courage to accept that you're ordinary is quite an extraordinary task. 

In my last post, I talked about comparisons and how they can have an adverse impact on us. And from time to time, it is through these comparisons that we come to realise the state of our very being. The point on which we lie, on the haunting graphs of talent or intellect or whichever other ruler we might consider.

There are times when we come to realise, that we are ordinary.

And this realisation isn't a very positive one, mind you. We are saddened, disappointed by the fact that we possess no extraordinary talent or skill that we could awe the world with. There are always a handful of people we know who have these special skills. There are always these people who we know who are absolutely extraordinary at what they do, and they make it big in life because of that.  Knowingly, unknowingly we are always comparing ourselves to them, always bearing with us a feeling of envy towards them. But all of this is okay and is in fact, necessary. 

Not everyone is going to be talented or beautiful or smart. In fact, the percentage of people who possess these qualities to the level of extra-ordinariness is quite small. Most of the world is filled with people like you and me, who're ordinary, and therefore, relatable.  If everyone was extraordinary then would that 'extra' really hold weight? Would it have a point? In reality, its the ordinariness that creates the value of this extra-ordinariness. If everyone was like that, no one would ever be appreciated for what they have.

My point here being, if you feel like you belong to the 'ordinary gang' it's okay. Welcome to the club! It is more than okay to be like this, to be a person with average amounts of talents and skills. At times it gets scary, but the best way to deal with it, is to make peace with it. For it is the ordinary people who have a lot of scope to improve.

At the same time, the flipside is that since this crowd makes up the majority, it kind of takes it out on the ones who don't fit into this frame. Though appreciated, these 'extra-ordinary' people tend to become the target for a lot of judgements and unkind behaviour. 

Fitting or not fitting into this frame is not totally in our hands and is also subjective as to who fits in and doesn't. Being ordinary has its pros and cons and we as a person should be aware of it because it affects our thoughts and social conduct.

Sometimes this ordinariness can weigh you down but one mustn't forget their own strengths at such times. We can always grow to become the extra-ordinary versions of ourselves. At the same time, thinking that we're ordinary does not give us the right to make others feel bad about not fitting in this self-defined frame, because as I said, the definition of this frame can alter from person to person.

Accept yourself the way you are in order to utilise your scope to grow. Because the way you are is beautiful and its completely okay to be that way. 

Sending you all the love, Catch you next time.  Stay happy! 

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