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Live your own definition of fun


It's such a short, simple word but can be viewed in so many different ways by each one of us.

Defined as 'enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure', we should ideally be able to decide what that means for us individually. But our conditioning and our tendency to succumb to societal pressures make us question our definitions and whether they make sense or not.

When you heard the word 'fun' and if you immediately thought of parties, large gatherings, loud music and being out all night, that's awesome. But it's also equally awesome if you thought of reading a book, having a nice long chat with a friend, watching your favourite TV show or even simply doing nothing.

TL,DR We all get to choose what fun means for us and no definition is superior or inferior to anyone else's.

In this blog post, I'm going to use the word 'FUN' as an acronym and use it to divide the video into 3 segments. Let's get into them one by one.


F- Freedom You have a choice to participate in activities that seem like fun to you

We have the choice to participate only in those activities that seem like fun for us. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you have to do it as well. It's of course really great to keep an open mind and try out different things. But if you're not feeling like it's the right thing for you or if you don't really find it fun, you don't have to do it.

It's okay to not like doing things that everybody else seems to love doing. It's absolutely okay to not subscribe to everyone else's idea of what fun or cool is.

You have the freedom to define what fun means to you.

U - unique You can have your own ways of having fun

On most days, I've had a pretty fun day if I've worked on Save Ourselves. My blog and my Youtube channel is one of the most unique things about me and I absolutely love working on it. Maybe to someone else, that sounds like the least fun activity but they would have their own unique fun ideas as well. Which is what matters. Fun can mean different to each one of us and therein lies its beauty. Each of us has so many things that make us unique and if we can find fun in those, we are being true to ourselves and that's what matters. Maybe you're a really good cook and you find cooking fun. Maybe you're a great shower singer and you love singing along to your favourite tracks. Maybe you're a dancer who finds fun in dancing whenever the music is turned up.

The most important part here is to embrace our uniqueness and being true to ourselves.

N - nature Your nature or your personality will affect what fun means to you and that's totally okay

I like to define myself as a social introvert. This means that I'm someone who loves meeting and talking to other people but cherishes her solitude above anything else. I despise small talk and can be quite shy in certain social scenarios. However, I can be quite active and engaging amidst people I feel comfortable with and gain value from. By nature, I'm inquisitive, creative and ever-curious. This means that I find fun in activities that quench my curiosity and encourage my creativity. For me these things are reading books, creating videos, writing articles or blog posts, journaling, drawing, watching Youtube videos and movies, listening to music and also having deep conversations about life with other people.

The preference for these activities is governed by my curious temperaments as well as my longing for solitude and meaning. Similarly, for you, your nature will have a say for your own preference of activities.

Your nature will govern what fun means to you and that is absolutely okay!

These were my two cents on not living your own definition of fun and being proud of who you are. I hope you found some takeaways from this blog post.

I also made a short video on this topic. Check it out next:

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