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How to make your work more enjoyable!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In this blog post, I'm going to be covering various aspects related to our work, study or general tasks that we perform during the day and how we can make them more enjoyable. Whether we love what we do or don't really like it, we can always try and improve the quality of our working experience and that's what I want to talk about today.

Here are 10 ways to make your work more enjoyable!

Set up a 'getting into work mode' routine.

A getting into work mode routine doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as checking your calendar or your previous day's work. Since I'm currently working from home, this helps a lot to segregate my work time and my me time.

Set clear working hours

When we are working/studying on our own time, it can be hard to segregate the day and all the hours just seem to flow into each other. Hence it is good idea to have clear working hours beyond which no work is allowed to enter your life.

Set clear, actionable goals about what you want to get done that day.

An effective to-do list is key to having a productive day. I'll be making a video on this soon. But the idea here is that you're more likely to check something off if your task says 'read chapter 8' instead of just 'study'. Let your brain understand what output you are looking for exactly.

Make it easier for yourself to start working/ studying.

By this I mean that get rid of the obstacles that get in the way of you and your work. If you need to take your laptop out from its bag, lay it on your desk, open it, get your notebook from your drawer, open to a new page and get started, that's giving you plenty of reasons to be lazy.

Instead, just set your laptop and your notebook on the desk the previous night. Now when it's time to start, you just have to start!

Create your own work environment, set up the vibe.

Your environment plays a huge role in how easy you're making it for yourself to get into the flow of working. Set up your desk the way you like it. I like having plants and art and my go-to supplies around and so I've set up my desk like that!

Create your own environment to optimise how you work and set up your own vibe. When your environment has that personal touch, you start to enjoy the process a lot more!

This is how my desk looks. I love this setup.

Optimise your gadgets to help you focus.

Our smartphones have a lot of features that can allow us to work undisturbed without all the distractions. Take time to go through these settings in your phone and your laptop. Put in on do not disturb, adjust your focus modes to only allow apps that really need to be used. Set up Google assistant or your phone routines to play some nice background music when you work. Doing all of this is so fun. It makes the process a lot more enjoyable.

Start with a task that you like doing.

The best way to get into the work zone is by building up that confidence. You need to know that this is your cup of tea, that you can handle it and that you are going to enjoy it. And nothing gives that reassurance more than starting off with a task that's manageable and easy to do for you. Start your work day with something that you love doing. I start by writing out my list of tasks in my bullet journal and by scheduling my day in Google Calendar. I love doing this and I'm helping myself so much in return.

Make your own process for studying/ working.

I've always loved doing this. You know back when I was in 6th standard I would play this game while studying. I would first read my study material and then I would host a show on which I would be the 'guest expert' who knew all the answers to the questions in the syllabus and I would answer them to explain to all the viewers.

It sounds so silly but it was so fun. I enjoyed studying immensely because of that. And it reflected in my results as well. I came first in my class that year.

Owning your work process can do wonders in terms of your experience and your output.

Schedule an enjoyable unwind task after your work session.

If I know that I get to watch a ton of YouTube videos or get myself some Subway after a good work session, I can't wait to start. I am not only looking forward to getting done with work, but I am also looking forward to begin it and go through it. Knowing that no matter how I do right now, there's something good waiting for me at the end of it makes me want to give that work session my all. Because I know I can expect something nice out of it. So why not enjoy this time as well?

Work at a pace that suits you.

This is something I've been learning and being reminded of repeatedly. Everyone has their own pace of working. If you want to avoid frequent burnouts and want to stay in the game for a long time, take things at your own pace. Allow yourself to breathe. Allow yourself to enjoy the process. When you take things at your own pace, you begin to notice things that you like about your work and a lot of stress is automatically removed from the entire experience.

I hope that these 10 ways are useful in letting you make your work experience more enjoyable for you.

Check out my video explaining three of these ways in detail here:

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