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Everything you need to know about a mid-year reset

We're right in the middle of the year and it's the exact time when our goals can start to seem a little blurry and the habits and resolutions we began the year with, all seem a little tangled up. Not that we might be off track. Life can be going great even but it's the need for the seasonal dusting. Everything needs maintenance, as do our lives.

So to ensure that all the aspects of our lives are in that sparkling clean state we want them to be in, a mid-year reset is the way to go!

Now, what exactly is a mid-year reset?

A mid-year reset is essentially taking stock of your life and glancing over each and every aspect of your life.

A few things that can be a part of your mid-year reset:

  1. Reflecting on your new years' resolutions and reprioritising according to your current life.

  2. Taking note of all pending tasks

  3. Scheduling a life admin day and taking care of all the administrative work in your life - bills, appointments, documents, etc

  4. Decluttering and cleaning out your physical space

  5. Decluttering your digital space - all your devices

  6. Making required changes in your planning system

  7. Making required changes in your routines/ habits

  8. Making certain decisions and lifestyle choices for the remaining half of the year.

What good can a mid-year reset do?

A mid-year reset, according to me, is comparable to a car. Everything looks good on the outside, it may even be alright on the inside. The car is performing well and you have no complaints. Even so, you make sure you get it serviced regularly for its upkeep and ensure that everything is, indeed, working quite well.

Our lives are like that. Everything may be going perfectly well and we're moving forward day by day. However, we too, need regular maintenance and upkeep. We too need to ensure that whatever intentions we've set for our lives, have made their way into it.

That is what a mid-year reset can do for us.

How do I do a mid-year reset?

There is no standard way to do it. It's more like doing a life audit that's very catered to your own life. You can use your bullet journal to make collections for all the things you want to include in your reset.

If you're more of a digital person then Notion is an excellent service to document such resets.

Simply opening up any notes app or a Google document will also cater to your needs.

Here's this entire process summed up into a video format:

To get a clearer understanding of how to do a mid-year reset, here are some of my go-to videos from productivity Youtubers I trust!


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