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EVEN more reasons why you should take more pictures!

Because just 5 reasons are not enough! Here are a total of 15 reasons to take more pictures!

Confused about the title? Well, here is the prequel to this blog post:

In the video I mentioned my top 5 reasons why I think all of us can benefit from taking more pictures. I also invited my photographer friends to join in on this and share their reasons as well.

Here's what they have to say:

Now let's move on to EVEN more reasons, shall we?

Since I shared my first 5 reasons in the video, let's start with no. 6:

6. A photo freezes that time into future memories

When you click a picture, it's not just that frame you are capturing but it's time as well! You get to freeze that time in the form a small little picture and turn it into a memory for your future self to cherish!

7. You are creating a moment for someone else!

Looking at people's instagram feeds, their childhood photos, listening to their stories is wonderful, isn't it? And photos make it so much easier for us to do so. We can create amazing moments for others simply by capturing our own!

8. A photo captures not just the moment, but the entire story

Yes, it seems like you are capturing a single frame, a single moment. But later on when that photo is revisited, it unveils the entire story behind that moment. You remember everything associated with that moment!

9. It lets you live that moment twice.

Do we really live only once? I argue that a photo lets us live twice! Once when we are actually living that moment and the second time, when we are looking at it, The simple act of looking at a photograph can bring back all the feelings of that moment, almost letting you relive it.

10. It lets you appreciate the moment.

One of the best ways to show our affection to that moment is by capturing it. When a moment is surreal and we want it to last, capturing it is a great way to turn it into a future memory.

Now I know that this is not always true; we do like to leave certain moments uncaptured, living it only for that moment. And that's fine! Capturing the moment is not the ONLY way, but certainly one of the good ways!

11. You get to travel in time.

The time travelling machine was invented at the same time as the camera. Because, in my opinion, both are the same thing.

A photo transports you back into that moment so that you get to live it again.

12. You can get better at another skill!

When we start clicking more pictures, we eventually start noticing the little things about it. We develop an eye for it. And ofcourse, practice makes perfect right?

13. You start to notice things you hadn't noticed before around you.

As you start looking at life through another lens (literally and figuratively), you start noticing things you hadn't noticed before. Whether it's the time of the day when you room has the best natural lighting or the colour palletes in your home, all of these things suddenly are now visible to you!

14. You get to express in another medium.

I've always been a person of words and graphic and visual has not been my best medium of expression. But ever since I've been taking more pictures, I've noticed that I can actually combine both of these to create content!

I love clicking pictures I can write nice long captions about. My Instagram feed has gotten so much better because of it!

15. It makes you improve your surroundings to be picture-worthy.

No, no. I mean this at a much more deeper and genuine sense than just making your life 'insta-worthy'. In one of my first 5 reasons, I talked about how taking pictures adds beauty to our lives. As the next step to that, I've noticed that I've wanted to make certain changes in my space tht make it look cleaner and neater and prettier to be in. And not just when it's time to take out the camera, but even in my day to day moments!

I hope that these 15 reasons have inspired you to take more pictures! Keep clicking!


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