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Dealing with prejudices

Hello dear reader!

Last week's post talked about what prejudices are and understanding how it all basically works. I want to keep this post in continuation to the earlier post, which will talk about how to deal with prejudices and what are the steps we can actively take for the same.

Here are a few useful tips, I hope that they help you out!

Acceptance of our behaviour:

Liked I mentioned in the previous post, we are all humans and to err is human after all. Judgements and prejudices are all instilled in us as we grow up and that is okay. We first need to open our minds to the fact that we can make this mistake as well. We must first reassure ourselves that it is a part of life which can be dealt with, with some effort.

Recognising the moment:

In order to overcome prejudice, we must first recognise and acknowledge the moments when we practice it. Here are some cues that will help indicate these moments:

We seem to criticise the person without a strong base or a valid reason.We seem to put them down or seem to be discouraging towards them.We tend to argue with them despite knowing that their point is correct.We tend to form an opinion about them without even speaking to them/ having any kind of contact with them.We tend to speak ill of them whenever their name comes up in a conversation.We tend to avoid including them in any sort of group-forming situation.

Although all of these points may not stand true in every situation, they are still important cues to point our prejudicial behaviour on our part.


When we have successfully recognised these moments, it's time to act on them. And every act begins with us. For all the prejudicial thoughts we recognise, it is necessary to remind ourselves that these thoughts are in fact, influenced by prejudice and that we must not act on them. What curbs our thoughts are counter-thoughts of self-wisdom!

Stop the chain-reaction:

We share a lot of stuff in friendship and that also includes prejudices. We tend to share our friends opinions about a person when we haven't even encountered them at all! The vice versa is also true. The best way to not let prejudice rule your life is to stop letting your friends opinions about a person overrule your opinion about the same person. Let your experience be the judge for that later.

At the same time, it is important to see to it that you are not constantly speaking ill about the people you are prejudiced against as it is likely to influence your friends as well.

Change in perspective:

While not all of your judgements and prejudices will be wrong, it is always better to ensure, to double check your opinions. Looking at the concerned person with a different perspective will make you open your mind and see whether they really stand up to the opinion you made of them. If they do, well congratulations on your right judgement! But if they don't, I hope you find the strength in you to accept your mistake and reframe your opinion about them. A change in perspective always helps!


A remedy that caters to almost every emotional issue, self-love is going to help you out here as well. Assure yourself that is okay that you made a wrong opinion of someone or that your judgement faltered. How will you grow otherwise? Don't be hard on yourself for indulging in prejudice or being judgemental. We all go through that phase and as long as you work on it, it is going to be just a passing phase for you. There is the other side to go to. Don't worry too much about it!

I hope that tips help you out in dealing with prejudices in your life. Reassure and encourage yourselves to work your way through it, these are curable issues. Extending all my love and support you way. I hope you have a great week ahead!

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