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Avoiding panic and being properly informed about COVID 19

COVID 19 has really stirred up the world hasn't it? How many times do you check up on the count in a day? How many times does the coronavirus topic sneak up in your conversations?

Both of these numbers are pretty high. And subsconciously, we're all starting to associate feelings of stress and nervousness with this issue. And its totally valid, I understand that.

Constantly being bombarded with negative news is not a very nice scenario, that's for sure. But in this state of chaos and panic, I hope that this blog post serves as a reminder to take a step back, look at all the facts and get our sources of information validated. Ill-information is doing us more harm than the numbers and figures floating around.

First and foremost - VALIDATE YOUR SOURCES of information and advice.

Its very easy to fall prey to all the information we've been getting. I'm going to try and refrain from giving any sort of medical advise here because I cannot be qualified as a valid, creible source for giving you or anyone advice about how to deal with COVID 19 medically.

So, what is a credible source?

Professionals practicing in the field of medicine and health such as doctors and health experts are credible sources for medical advice.

Seek information only from websites and online platforms that belong to reputed medical organisations.

WHO (World Health Organisation) can be one of the easiest, most credible source to go to.

Secondly, refrain from forwarding information you are not 100% sure about. Verify and then pass on.

Ofcourse, all of us are concerned about the health of the people who are close to us and it's only human to want to share helpful advice with them. But first check: Is this information really useful? Is it coming from an official, validated source? Is it harmless to pass on?

Only then consider sharing the information you have. Stay safe!

I'll be leaving a few helpful links here below. Do check them out if you wish to.

WHO links:

Corona virus infographics- comics by @weimankow :

My tips for dealing with the situation :

  • Follow the guidelines and preventive measures recommended by WHO and your doctors as much as possible.

  • Take cognisance and acknowledge the rules/ notices passed by your local and national governments for preventive measures.

  • Recognise your reactions to this situation and take measures to address your feelings about it. If you are afraid or nervous about the situation try talking to a loved one. For better help, talk to a professional who'll be able to help you out.

  • Be supportive and be there for your friends and family who might be experiencing feelings of fear or panic.

  • While it's necessary to stock up on things like sanitisers, soaps and masks, let's not be a hoarder and let's buy only as much is necessary. If we buy only as per our needs, someone else might be able to purchase and use those things too!

I won't make this a very long post. Check the above links for useful information.

The intention of this post is to spread awareness and not panic about the global situation. Stay informed about the scenario but make sure you check in with yourself from time to time and seek support if you are physically and/or mentally affected by all that's going on. Panic will only make the situation worse. It is upto us to stay calm and ground ourselves. Let's take the preventive measures that have been medically recommended and stay safe and healthy.

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