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A self care guide and worksheet for September

In this post I want to talk a little bit about self care. Self care ties in with the entire self improvement realm and forms a very significant part of it actually. In order for our mental, physical and intellectual selves to improve, it is necessary to take care of them from time to time.

After a rough month, I'm looking forward to actively practice self care in September. I decided to share this with you in the hope this might inspire some of you to take care of yourselves as well.


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Self care for September

I made a self care checklist for myself for the month of September. This list includes things that bring me joy and comfort and also things that promote my wellbeing and growth as a person. That is what self care means to me.

Here is my list:

  1. Write a letter as your future self

  2. Make a list of things you want to see yourself doing career wise in 5 years

  3. Start reading a book on personal finance

  4. Write down an ideal work-life balance day in your life

  5. Spend one full day reading fiction

  6. Go stationery shopping in the store

  7. Have a modern family marathon and sandwich night

  8. Spend an afternoon with the girls

  9. Go downstairs to read

  10. Go on a long drive

Self care checklist for September

I made a spread for my September self care in my bullet journal.

I believe that taking the time to make a spread in itself serves as the first act of selfcare. Because that means that I'm taking the time to think and make decisions that would beneficial for me.

I also added a 'basic self care checklist' to this spread. It contains the things that I can do on a regular basis and things I can look back to when I need to take better care of myself.

Here is my basic self care checklist :

  • Working out

  • Coffee

  • Lofi music

  • Journalling

  • Meditating

  • Stretching

  • Call / meet a loved one

  • Sleep

  • Working on SO

  • Getting some fresh air


Free downloadable worksheet for making your own self care checklist

Click on the document below to get your free worksheet and make your own checklist for September.

The checklist may not necessarily be used just for September but can also be reused in the future.

Self care in September_SO Worksheet
Download PDF • 45KB


Watch my video on this topic here:


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