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//Poetry // - The Lonely Mind

Amidst a million minds, lies a lonely one,

Far away from the crowd, whose part it has become,

It aches, it falls apart, it cries silently,

But the world lies in ignorance of this desperate plea.

Shattered and alone, it seems to belong nowhere,

For it's a fraglie mind left alone, of which no one seems aware.

It lives through each day, it breathes out pain,

Despite all the desires only loneliness it does attain.

A hurting mind, an aching soul, not a joy to be.

For it craves to join the crowd in laughter and in glee.

Amidst a million minds, walks a lonely one,

Although away from this chaos it wants to run.

But to whom does this mind belong, you ask?

To which I say, not difficult a task!

The mind that stands on the barrel of this gun,

Belongs to me, to you, to everyone.


Written on 6th June 2017

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