Here are a few questions answered regarding Save Ourselves

1. What is Save Ourselves about ?

Save Ourselves is a blog that is mainly about self-help. The subtopics or related topics that I create content about are 

- productivity

- mental health awareness

- wellbeing 

- intentional living

- organisation tips and techniques

- student lifestyle

- bullet journalling

and more!

While I don't want to restrict the topics I can create content about, I categorise all of the above listed topics under the umbrella of self-help!

2. When did Save Ourselves start?

Save Ourselves started out on blogger in August 2013

3. On which all platforms can I find Save Ourselves?

You can find all the Save Ourselves content right here on this website!

Along with that, Save Ourselves has a weekly blog on this very website, an Instagram page (@saveourselvesblog) and a Youtube Channel. You can follow us on all these platforms to stay connected!

4. Who runs Save Ourselves?

Save Ourselves is a blog run by Aparna Kher, a 22 year old girl from India.

5. I want to participate and contribute to Save Ourselves. How can I do that?

Thank you for showing interest! There are a few ways you can participate:

- You can email potential blog posts to If it goes with the S.O vibe, we'll get in touch with you and share it as a guest blog! 

Please do keep in mind that we'll only be able to do this once a month at the most as S.O is more about the original content created by Aparna. 

- Save Ourselves occassionally reaches out to people to participate in vidoes, posts, blogs and polls! Follow us on Instagram to get all the updates about that. We would love for you to be a part!